Who are Mountain Men Mechanics?

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

For 2 decades Banff Airporter has been getting more out of their vehicles by following a preventative maintenance plan. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a passenger on the bus say “Oh wow, this bus is brand new.” to which I would respond that it actually has over 300,000 km on it.

Expert Mechanics

Chutaro Maki is our lead mechanic and has been pulling wrenches with us for 19 years. The winds of change are sweeping through our shop and Chutaro is now surrounded by 4 other skilled technicians and a shop manager. Staffed with both Heavy Duty and Automotive technicians, we’re now pleased to offer our mechanical services to the public.

Chutaro "CHEWI" Maki - 25+ Years Automotive Tech
Chutaro “CHEWI” Maki, Butchie (boo-Chee) which means “two tone colour” in Japanese and TY

A New Standard

Mountain Men Mechanics is the new standard for automotive and fleet maintenance in the Bow Valley. Employing expert mechanics is our backbone. We also realize that front of house service is also of paramount importance. Banff Airporter is now lending its reservations know-how to our shop. Mountain Men Mechanics offers real-time online reservations for service, repair and diagnosis. Our basic pricing is also available online, so you can trust what you’re going to get.

The next time you require automotive service or repair, Give us a call 403-762-1678.